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The Insect Charter World Map by BoxofLizards
The Insect Charter World Map
This is an early map concept for the world. Originally the story was going to take place in Goodyear AZ around the 2005 housing crash, in which insects and animals fight over new territory and resources. However as the story grew I wanted to make entire world. So I wanted a fictionalized version of North America combined with Europe and Russia. Since the story has animals and insects I wanted to take out the humans, so figured why not have it take place in a world that based off "Peace of Earth" 1939 cartoon combined with the poem 1920 "There Will Come Soft Rains". The setting takes place some time after an event called "The Great End" 

An event that tore the universe in half, however it was an incomplete catastrophe that briefly turned the soil to dust while the sky poured liquid metal. As time past the land turned to rust, many of the remnants from that great event can still be seen. The land still bares many ancient weapons so big in scale that it is impossible to imagine that they were capable of moving the ground and sky, now the harmless relics faded into obscurity. New caretakers of the world dawn and fill the land with their domain and world, overlapping and fusing with the old one. 

The places of the world in the Insect Charter are based off and inspired by the early 1900s and early pre WWI. 

The Barren is inspired by the closing and taming of the American and Russian Steppe frontier.  
The Belt based off China, India, Russia and other nations trying to modernize.  
The Sun is based on the expression on "the empire on which the sun never sets" i.e British, Spanish and other global empires.    
The Torrent is basically the colonies combined with the unexplored. 
The Palm is based on the rise of nationalism and self determination of the 1900s.   
The Antennomac is based off the Balkans and the anarchist movements at the turn of the century. 
The Coin is somewhat a combination of the wealth made in trade and industrialization.    
WIP of Marion Hayloft as Platinum Saguaro by BoxofLizards
WIP of Marion Hayloft as Platinum Saguaro
I know I have not finished anything lately, work and stuff has been a bit of drag. While working on the Insect Charter I wanted the story to have a bit of the masked hero vibe fussed with the Giant monster concept. While coming up with villains, I wanted a Boxelder Bug that would encounter the main characters either as a foil or as an temporary ally. Platinum Saguaro is somewhat inspired by Zorro/Black Whip and Billy Jack.       
WIP background drawing by BoxofLizards
WIP background drawing
I wanted to add the background to Skies Above, which shows (not much) of what was obscured by the foreground.

Here is the original image...…
The Skies Above by BoxofLizards
The Skies Above

A work in progress drawing, I have been super busy with work forcing me to do little in my spare time (A large percentage of people at my job quit, so I have been having to do a lot of overtime). On top of that I have been having back pains lately. 

I wanted to finish a background drawing that I started back in November 2009. However after spending a week watching Giant Robo and Super Robot Red Baron, I wanted to do something that has a sense of camp and over the top. So I have the character Cen trying to stop a group called "Red Pentagon" from stealing a statue that contains some mystical relic of the past.

While spending nearly a day and a half working the background this by far the most detailed drawing I have ever done. Yikes there is a lot of tiny details. While working on this I wanted to bring a sense and color of an old sci fi you get out of pulp magazine in terms of color.

I have no idea what city or what time this would take place in. I wanted it to be set in Spanish California perhaps a little up north around the 1920s.
Note the Orange flag which is the state flower and figured it would make a great flag color. Also While working on the background which is obscured by the image in the foreground which shows the block system. However you can still see the Russian America flag next to the California which shows (not Really) the company play in the story's world. I while working on I was at odds with architecture to go with, So I went with Russian with a little bit of Modernism, Beaux, Spanish (cannot see due to foreground image) mixed with Atlantic city. The technology was half futurism, I wanted to do BS technology that would never work. In the background which is kind of hard to see but you can see a Wireless tower in the background.    

This drawing is somewhat based off another drawing I did awhile ago…  

I have put my Story on hold, to pursue a new project. One that is far more simple and more campy in tone. Think Monster of the week type, expect with insects who fight other insects on actual scale. 
The basic plot-

A black garden ant named Acatho and a Female Pray Mantis named June are a team of guardians who fight other bugs like themselves such as wasp and spiders who are being ridden by other bugs. The two defend insect colonies from those forces that would case harm.  

Now what is going to make this fun and what i hope is a fresh take on the Monster Genre is the setting. which I will go into little detail. The Story world takes place in a Arizona during the early 2000s before the housing crash, in Litchfield Park. However on the insect level the world is changing.

The New Age-
The days of independent colonies and wild and dangerous yards are coming to a close. The Rise of Insect and Animal Confederacies and Nations are spreading in great numbers. 
The Mission of those groups is to form a peaceful society were one dose not fear raids, and consent war from warring neighbors. The rise of those groups has been near universal in the yards and lawns; however with the rise of massive civilizations as lead them into conflict with other growing societies. With borders being drawn, a new age of has dawn, along with a whole new wave of issues.

The Rise of Technology-
The Dawn of weapons has forever changed the landscape of warfare. The introduction of guns and artillery on to the battlefield, were now a single insect can now hold off a wave of larger and more powerful insects. However this technology is still relatively new and untested in large-scale warfare, the old method’s of warfare is still struggling to catch up with the new. Insect riders and defenders who used to defend the lands and colonies has been the first to adapt those new technologies and used them to their full extent. These small and elite groups now work in cooperation with the rising national armies for support, the roles has shifted were as now the riders work as special task groups rather than direct assault, which is now left up to the massive armies of united animals and insects to fight.

Orange Sun Horizon- 
A threat is brewing across Black Valley, a growing number of attacks by a massive Confederacy of Animals calling them selves "Orange Sun Horizon” this group is made up of Spiders/ Snakes/ Cockroaches, including an untold number of ant city states. Orange Sun Horizon has been expanding and conquering all the colonies and small nation states with little resistance. For the last few months the entire Block has fallen into the hands of this great new society. Now this massive group has set its sights for conquest across Black Valley. Orange Sun Horizon is Lead by the Queen Marith and her colony of Carpenter Ants. She has convinced a number of species to join her cause for a safe society free of the worldly dangers. This massive confederacy of Animals has been expanding it reach, destroying all who resist or refuse to join their cause. Now this massive group has arrived at the “Three lands”. Now Acatho and June must set out to defend their new home from this invasion from across Black Valley.  

So in toll I was trying to think of a look and setting that would be interesting, while still trying to be a Monster fighting genre style story with a little campy in it's tone. As of right now I was thinking the look and setting should be the end of an era. Like the Wild West is ending and the dawn of Civilization is here, The look could be early 1900s, Pre World War 1 and the end of colonialism is nearing. The days of colonies and adventurous lands are coming to an end with the rise of Insect and animal type states. And the once legendary Insect riders and Defenders have played a new of defending the new states and growing cities in this new age, which has become extremely dangerous. 




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